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Accomodating resistance

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During a squat we are much stronger and able to handle much greater loads at the top than we are at the bottom.With free weight alone we have exactly the same amount of resistance at the top that we do at the bottom, so technically we are mainly training the bottom half of the squat as we will fail here before we would fail with the same resistance in a quarter squat.The basis of its effects and effectiveness are largely anecdotal.In a recent study in the The proposed reasons to use VRT are numerous.

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VRT is a relatively new aspect of training, and as such has not been well studied.

Some lifters have sticking points that VRT can also emphasize to help work through them.

A bencher with weak triceps will have difficulty as the movement progresses, and VRT can eliminate that weakness.

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READ MORE BY August 26, 2016 at am, Jordan said: Regarding Travis Mash and many of his notable lifters.