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Even if it's only limited to working any kind of TV or monitor on the planet, gamers have come across many cables, connection ports, controllers and consoles or PC deaths that would boggle the mind of the average joe. All-nighters are not only common as game-lovers, they're necessary.How else can they come to grips with a game that launched at midnight?!If you're at Uni/College I bet the girls taking technology related subjects are more likely to be into gaming than the general female population.Obviously gaming or tech conventions would be a good place too, but you probably don't go to these things very often.Finding the right dating partner can be quite the challenge in life.We're all complicated individuals with tons of nuances, imperfections and desires. Check out our 23 Hilarious Signs You're a True Gamer.The dating world is a pretty scary place sometimes, especially if one of your hobbies involves spending enough time indoors playing video games that your pale skin can be used as a defensive mechanism in bright sunlight.I mean, I’m pretty sure I can legitimately act as a solar panel in a pinch.

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Things that will prevent you from looking like a massive tool or being thought of as the world’s biggest asshole.

You’re going to be nervous, and there’s always that risk involved that you might end up complicating, or ruining, the friendship.

You just have to take that chance, knowing that could be a possible outcome.

So why be surprised when a bunch of developers get together and bring the two together?

Over the past few years, online dating sites have launched hoping to cash in on passionate gamers looking for a mate.