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Updating glibc gentoo Mombasa teensex

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You may need to go at it in steps between versions. I tried to install glibc-2.17 again and it failed again. python-3.3.2-r2 emerged fine, I assume I should also re-emerge dev-lang/python:2.7 ? I don't know if I am stating the obvious but just in case: Have a look here and set up your --python2 to reflect what you have installed.Additional question: is it possible (even relevant) to compile the latest glibc-2.18 without any interference ? Where can I get the latest version of Xy for Cent OS? Cent OS is an Enterprise-class operating system and as such is more about stability and long-term support than cutting edge.

updating glibc gentoo-21

And in the end you will have to upgrade almost every package in the system since glibc is one of the most important parts of the system.

The fix is either switch to start using HAL, evdev, …

and stop using xorg.conf, or add this line into , but neither 1.2.44 nor 1.4.3 provide that file, so it will be removed while upgrade.

* The ebuild environment file is located at '/var/tmp/portage/._unmerge_/sys-libs/glibc-2.11.3/temp/environment'. # python-updater /usr/sbin/python-updater: Zeile 146: 28887 Speicherzugriffsfehler /usr/bin/portageq has_version / "$" /usr/sbin/python-updater: Zeile 146: 28888 Speicherzugriffsfehler /usr/bin/portageq has_version / "$" * Python 2 and Python 3 not installed Still getting segfaults with the replaced emerge-command :-( This does not look good. portage on the given system "thinks" 2.17 is installed so I can't (re-)emerge 2.16 because downgrading is not supported. * The ebuild environment file is located at '/var/tmp/portage/._unmerge_/sys-libs/glibc-2.17/temp/die.env'.

* Working directory: '/usr/lib/portage/pym' * S: '/var/tmp/portage/._unmerge_/sys-libs/glibc-2.11.3/work/glibc-2.11.3' /usr/lib/portage/bin/ Zeile 109: 27001 Speicherzugriffsfehler "$PORTAGE_BIN_PATH"/ebuild-ipc exit 1 But it seems that this is the consequence of problems with python. Can you get someone to reboot the machine with a sysrescue or Gentoo Live CD for you to connect to it remotely and then chroot into the borked installation to essentially reinstall the required packages with a functional portage and toolchain from the Live CD? *but* I think I got something done: pulled in python-2.7.5-r3.tbz2 from I don't want to keep it this way as it isn't really consistent ... * Working directory: '/usr/lib/portage/pym' * S: '/var/tmp/portage/._unmerge_/sys-libs/glibc-2.17/work/glibc-2.17' /usr/lib/portage/bin/ Zeile 109: 17558 Speicherzugriffsfehler "$PORTAGE_BIN_PATH"/ebuild-ipc exit 1 * The ebuild phase 'prerm' has exited unexpectedly.