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Twitterberry not updating

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The two free applications that I came across were Twitter Berry and Yatca.My take on both clients can be found below: Twitter Berry Out of the two, I found this one to be much more pleasant to use, and I'll tell you why.

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Michael Hyatt gave 12 reasons to jump on the bandwagon, and also wrote a helpful beginner's guide. If your cell phone doesn't have a camera, it's time to throw out that Nokia 6110 and upgrade to a phone released in the 21st century. Remember, that when someone asks you a question like, "Why are you reading Twitter see it... I may even give you a review of it once I’ve put it through all of its paces.While shopping, I played with a ton of touch screen phones and realized I don’t like ’em. But obviously plenty of people love touchscreens, so the Storm may be for you (but not for me).Personally, I prefer a separate client as opposed to one integrated into the Black Berry's messaging system (read: Yatca).I like the ability to actually open up the program and browse at my leisure.As the service grew in popularity, so too would the price.